Chappie: Hit Or Miss?

Chappie seems like an unconventional flick: A story of a robot, that’s supposed to be heartwarming some how? And from the director of District 9? Yeah, this is hardly a recipe for a great film. Even the trailers looked like it was a parody of sorts, like a parody of itself, or a Naked Gun type of non-stop comedy movie.

But no, it’s, completely unironically, a movie about a robot named Chappie that outsmarts the enemy, types on computers, and is built by an Indian fellow by the name of Dev Patel. It doesn’t exactly have an all-star cast going for it, seeing as how the only notable actors on the line-up are Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver. But let’s look at the director,  Neill Blomkamp, and his track record. He directed District 9. Not a bad movie! Really pushes sci-fi to some of it’s greatest limits. He also directed Elysium. This one’s a bit generic, but on-screen, in the final result, it was great.

Now, let’s look at present day. Neill is going to direct the next “Alien” movie, resurrecting it from a cold, cold, shallow grave. He is also going to be directing the upcoming Halo film, based off the popular video game franchise.

Overall, the future does not look promising for ol’ Chappie. Judging from the trailer, it looks pretty silly. But, trailers aren’t everything. Neill has a great track record, so maybe he’ll make this one work out, even with a dumb premise. Or maybe he’s just trying to get us to think this movie will suck, when in reality it will blow all our minds? Or maybe he’s just insane and trying to finally finish off the already dying careers of Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman. Who can be sure?