Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Are you familiar with James Bond? Have you seen all of the Bond movies, and are you familiar with the action and gadgets? Well, rethink everything you know about British spies. This movie reinvents the whole idea of British spies, then masters it while it’s at it.

So, the film starts off like any other spy flick. Let me break the story down really quickly: The Kingsman are a super-secret gun-blazing branch of the British government, it’s hard to get in, and they go on spy missions. Generic stuff. Through a mission, one of the agents becomes friends with “Eggsy”, our, uhm, “hero”. Even though Eggsy seems like he’d be a huge dork, he grows up becoming a criminal. Shit gets crazy, so they start to train Eggsy to become a Kingsman. Meanwhile, the Kingsman being to investigate a playboy, Tony Stark like billionaire. Probably because he’s black in Britain. Actually, it’s because, he’s a internet billionaire. It doesn’t actually give too much context as to why exactly they’re investigating him in the first place, but it’s fine, I guess story advancement isn’t easy when your film consists of exploding heads.

Kingsman is somewhere between Kick-Ass, 007, and, hell, Scott Pilgrim. One moment, it’s silly and goofy, the next it’s even sillier and goofier. The casting is, odd to say the least. Colin Firth, you say? In a goofy, actiony, gory spy movie? Doesn’t seem like much of a great idea at first, but, eventually, I think you will warm up to the idea. It seems almost as if this film was written with Colin Firth in mind, as he fits the dialogue, the role, and everything else in between almost perfect. Kingsman is a movie you’re surely to want a sequel from. Overall, the movie is an 8 out of 10. It could be better, it has its flaws, but it’s alright.

It’s also a movie you’re sure to get totally buzzed from. Check out our drinking game:

Take a drink when:

  • Somebody is overly British/uses British slang. Yeah, yeah, yeah, crumpets and tea.
  • The movie makes you want to buy a suit.
  • Somebody says “eggsy” and it sounds outright stupid.
  • Something explodes. Drink up.
  • Somebody’s training goes wrong.
  • There’s a throwback to James Bond, specifically, the Roger Moore era.

Take a shot when:

  • “Pomp and Circumstance” plays.

Chug when:

  • Obama’s head explodes.

Pour one out:

  • For the heads injured in the making of this film.