Mall Cop 2 and why you should watch it

You ever just sit. Sit down, look around and think; I want to make fun of something? I want to make jokes in a room of people like me, and make fun of one thing.


No, really? Huh. Me neither, I was just asking.

Anyways, watch Mall Cop 2. When it comes out on DVD. Preferably, with a few drinks. Okay, a lot of drinks. And some friends. Friends and Drinks = Mall Cop 2. Mall Cop 2 is one of THOSE movies, you know what I mean? It’s painfully obvious there was not a lot that went into Mall Cop 2. Besides Kevin James’ money. But what really makes it a fun movie is the fact that it is so awfully shitty, that if, when paired with the right booze, you find yourself with a couple of friends, it’s a perfect time to crack some jokes at the hour and a half long shifest. When we get old and leathery, we will remember Mall Cop 2. We won’t remember Mall Cop 2 for it’s gribbity grabbity story, or even for it’s oh-so-hilarious falling down gags, but we will remember it for the good times it caused us. For the jokes we cracked, while downing a bottle of cheap tequila, Smirnoff, and your cousin’s friend’s dad’s risky moonshine, yes, we will remember Mall Cop 2 for something greater than what Kevin James expected. The art of being a drunk motherfucker. No, seriously, if you see this movie, bring a lot of beer with you. Like, so much beer. Just like, a harmful amount of beer. Like, your dad calls you in the middle of the movie and is like, “Hey, stop.” Because, damn, that is a lot of beer.


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