The Breakfast Club (1985)

Summary: A nerd, a weirdo, a criminal, a princess and a jock. The plot for a perfect porno. Oh, yeah, and a coming-of-age movie, too, I guess.

Take a drink when:

  • Mr. Vernon mumbles something snarky.
  • Bender gets the rest of the crew in trouble.
  • Somebody sings or hums an 80’s song.
  • Bender makes a sexual advance towards Claire.
  • Allison does something weird.

Take a shot when:

  • “Don’t you forget about me” plays.
  • Someone says “Sporto”.
  • Somebody cries.
  • Claire gets angry at Bender

Chug when:

  • Somebody smokes.

Pour one out:

  • For the Andrew-Allison power couple.