Scream (1996)

Summary: The movie that criticized horror movie cliches, and yet created a few new ones.

Take a drink when:

  • Someone references another horror movie.
  • A phone rings.
  • Gale Weathers acts like a bitch.
  • Ghostface appears.
  • Somebody screams in terror.
  • Dewey does or says something stupid.
  • Stu leaves a room backwards.
  • Stu laughs or cries like a little girl.
  • Someone hits Stu.
  • Ghostface cleans his knife.

Take a shot when:

  • Somebody mentions ‘The Rules’.
  • Kenny is shown eating.
  • Somebody is killed.

Chug when:

  • You see Ghostface, but none of the characters do.

Pour one out:

  • For Sidney’s mom.