So, where was Cusack in Hot Tub 2?

Most of us have seen Hot Tub Time Machine. A smaller portion of us have seen Hot Tub Time Machine 2. One of the major leading factors in this, is the fact that one of the biggest stars of the entire film, John Cusack, was no where to be seen for the sequel. Seriously, he was just gone. I’m going to try my best to try and comprehend what the hell and why the hell.

So, when Hot Tub 2’s trailer first came out, reactions were universal. “Where the hell is John Cusack?” I guess they had just accidentally forgot to mention that JOHN FUCKING CUSACK couldn’t show up for the film. So, we took to the one place that pretends to listen to us. The internet.

On a podcast, Rob Corddry, a star of Hot Tub Time Machine and Hot Tub 2, John turned down Hot Tub 2 because it “Just wasn’t his thing.” Understandable, celebrities and actors back out of sequels all the time. It’s a normal thing to do. We can live with that.

But…Something smelled rotten in the State of Denmark…
Immediately following Corddry’s statement, fans took to Twitter, blazing up John’s feed, calling him a fool.

John responded.